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We take pride in customizing your holidays acoss India as well other counties. We welcome to a soulful holiday experience in India, the cradle of ancient culture with a rich cultural heritage. Witness the sights and sounds of its incredibly diverse landscape, people, and cultures. Discover natural resources and everlasting human characteristics that cover the country’s aspect with Magic Safari.

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India Tour Packages

The new trend of traveling has seen a significant inclusion of foreign hotspots in the wish list of people. We, on the other hand, emphasize the philosophy of exploring the “ Incredible India ” in Toto before going global. In our travel diary, we next tend to examine and help you explore the country. India is one of the only countries in the world which is host to two major biodiversity hotspot. It is also home to more than 1500 exotic wildlife creatures.

There are various tour packages available with Magic Safari that can be avail to have a great stay at the major cities across the country. These packages are available at a wide variety of range, which varies depending upon the cities included within the tour. There are separate tour packages for the national parks and sanctuaries, which ensure you, get to see the best of Indian wildlife.

There are tour packages which can be avail to explore the scenic beauty of endless mountains in the north, Magic Safari provide interested traveler all the packages to ensure you to get to see the most memorable sunrise and sunset of your holidays.

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Affordable tour packages in India

Magic Safari offer you with some of the best tour packages available at a very affordable price range. Some of the most famous tour packages are:

  • Golden triangle tour package
  • Amritsar Delhi tour package
  • Manali Shimla and Kasol tour package
  • Jammu and Kashmir tour package (Kashmir Chalo)
  • Ooty tour package
  • Maharashtra tour package
  • Goa tour package
  • Rajasthan tour package

Most popular tour packages

Magic Safari provides the widest range of possible tour packages within the best-suited budget range. Some of the most popular tour packages which are often availed at large by our customers are the golden triangle package, which covers the cities Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. There is Manali and Shimla package, Jammu and Kashmir package, Goa tour package. Book yourself one of these packages today with Magic Safari to unleash the joy of hassle-free traveling.

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When and how to reach
You can choose your ideal means of transportation depending upon your cost and budget. India has very well connected with all the major cities across the globe. It has airways connections across all the major continents. You can reach India directly or through interconnecting flights from cities of Berlin, Frankfurt, London, Milan, Bangkok, Dubai, Sydney, Washington, Paris, and almost every other major city in the world. Magic Safari provides you with the best international tour packages, which are inclusive of the ticket costs, and we also provide you with the services to reach your accommodation comfortably and without any hassle. India also has very well connected sea routes and has some of the best-maintained ports in the world, which provides you with the opportunity to visit the country through the vast gateway of sea and oceans.

India is a country that experiences all the seasons almost equally throughout the year. All the adventure sports enthusiasts are recommended to visit the country during August- October. Book your Uttrakhand and Goa tour package today with Magic Safari to explore the full range of water sports and adventure sports. People who love watching snowflakes can visit north India from December- February when the temperature drops down to 0-degree Celcius. Avail of our Manali and Shimla tour packages, Jammu and Kashmir tour packages, to witness the natural beauty of immortal snow white at its very best.

Nature lovers can visit the wastelands and green forest of the major national parks anytime from March to May, which may offer them one in a lifetime scenic beauties. Magic Safari have separate tour packages dedicated to national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, which can be avail at the most affordable cost. Avail of our tour package and witness the joy of open safari through the greenery of Ranthambore, Kaziranga, and many more famous national parks.

Tips for booking an India tour package and suggestions for the journey
We at Magic Safari provide a wide variety of packages which includes tickets, accommodations, and touring services. You should choose your package according to your budget and the number of days you want to tour a particular place. You can plan your accommodations according to the number of guests, plan your tour with us, and unleash the joy of holidays.

Chaotic, beautiful, wonderful, overwhelming, fantastic, etc. India can be summed up in these kinds of words, But the question arises, how can traveler prepare themselves for a trip to India? We at Magic Safari offers you wonderful tips to plan your tour to India.
India is a big country and packed up in a massive place so never the traveling group can see India at once. We plan your tour according to your interest and priority that what you like the most and experience. India is a colorful country which all the colors which a traveler wants to explore. You get to discover more out your trip if you concentrate at one place. Likewise we had sad that it’s essential to pick the perfect route when plan to tour India.

India is a country where the seasons are well distributed and you can seamlessly transform from the humid blazing summer into chilling winters through a pleasant autumn. Your time of visit largely depend upon your travel destinations, North India has very cold weathers, they are ideal for mountaineering and enjoying snowfalls. Western part of the country is humid and has some of the finest locations in terms of beaches; it is idea to visit these destinations in the month of August and September. South India has sun over its head almost throughout the year, you can visit these places any time apart from the summers.

Why book with Magic Safari
We at Magic Safari provide you with all the variety of packages to suit your price range and budget; we are here to ensure you get a budget-friendly relaxing tour without compromising with the facilities. We provide the best accommodations and traveling facilities without putting a burden upon your pockets. India is known for its spiritual history, which is something people love to read more about and tend to explore.

Magic Safari also provide various packages for tourists to religious sites, such as Haridwar, Badrinath, Kedarnath, Rishikesh, and the town of Tripura. It would be best if you opt for tour packages based around extensive national parks and sanctuaries, whether you liked the natural world or the beauty of wildlife. Begin your tour with Magic Safari and experience an exciting journey that stays in your mind for life. Magic Safari guides you through its numerous Holiday Packages, which are incredible, learning rejuvenating and enjoyable tours. Magic Safari are a one-stop solution to all your queries related to traveling and accommodation. We provide you the most budget-friendly and complete travel packages. You travel to release stress, let us help you with this ideology; we make sure these expenses don’t spoil your wonderful holidays.